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lightroom presets free

1000 Lightroom Presets Free

Are you looking for good presets for photo editing? So, you’ve come to the right place! Because through this article, you can download 1000 Lightroom presets for free! But you have to follow some steps.

Why are 1000 Lightroom presets different from everyone else?

There are many reasons for this, but let me clarify: you will find many preset collections in many places, but my LR presets are different from everyone else; however, I’ve been editing for almost five years, and I can guarantee it. These presets are very standard, and best quality presets. Moreover, if you visit this website, you will find it there too.

video from peter

Things you’ll find out in this article

  1. Lightroom
  2. Lightroom mobile presets
  3. How to download 1000 Lightroom presets
  4. How to use presets

Moreover, you will know many more editing-related details; in today’s time, photo editing has become a hobby of many people; many people do photography,

What is Lightroom?

That’s the most straightforward question! Again many people do not recognize Lightroom, but most new editors may not recognize Lightroom; see that this is the most accessible photo editing app; Anyone can use this app; you can also, using Lightroom you can add your photo filters, fine-tune backgrounds, and use transformative presets to count quickly,

long exposure photography on iPhone 14

And the best part is that you can download the free Lightroom mobile application! However, Lightroom classic software paid; you have to pay and use,

What are Lightroom Mobile Presets

Presets are an image that has already been color-corrected, which you can apply to your image with one click, and there is called Lightroom presets; however, it is in Dng format, and you can easily use png files on any photo if you like, however, do you understand what the presets are,

But one thing to keep in mind is that mobile presets and Lightroom classic pc presets do the same thing; many people do not know this,
if you want to download 20 LIGHTROOM presets, click here,

How to download 1000 lightroom presets

The most crucial point is how to download; you may have noticed that to download in many places, you usually want a password, the authority who locks the file presets with the password,

Or many people say to pay; for example, after spending the best 10 Lightroom presets $10, you will get those preset packs, but in my case, the opposite,


You can download it effortlessly; you will see a word download below or above. After clicking there, you can download effortlessly,

How to use premium presets in Lightroom.

It is easy to use; once you learn to use it, then never forget again because this processing is easy; Anyone can; but one thing to keep in mind is, regardless of where you download from, customize those presets a little while using,

After collecting the presets, send the presets directly to Lightroom, then click those preset three dots and copy settings, then paste on your picture; then you have finally learned,

Best ten presets app list

well, there are so many lightrooms preset apps available in the market, but the problem is you don’t know which app is best for Lightroom presets, don’t worry! I’m here for you; here are the best-preset apps; you can download all apps from the play store, but the funny thing is all apps are free; you don’t need to pay anything, and you can use all presets free of cost,

10 presets app list

1. Presetet – Lightroom presetsplay store download link
2. presetroom – Lightroom presetavailable in the play store
3. presetit: Lightroom presetsdownload
4. preset and filters for LightroomSajjad IT
5. Presets for Lightroom – KoloroKoloro DOWNLOAD
6. presetLabAPP LINK
9. lightroom photo editor filtersCLICK HERE
10. lightroom mobile preset DNGFREE DOWNLOAD

Now, you got the best presets app list; you can download the best quality dng file from here, but the number one app from above the list is PRESETET ‘ One of the best lightrooms presets ever, very unique and new fresh presets,

Presetet is Made for those who love cinematic presets and dark, moody, sky blue. If you download this app for the first time, I hope you are never bored with this app,

Ten best websites for Lightroom presets

Lightroom presets are not free, but some of the websites give them free for editors, but I know that you don’t see the website name; however, at this point, I will mention those website names, and you can download presets free of cost.

  1. bhmeditor

On this website, you can download lots of presets with just one click; if you visit this website. First, you go to the home page, and you can see the right corner and menu option available; click and select Lightroom and Lightroom presets category, after click here you will see lots of presets pack free and open for download,

2. shotkit

One of the best websites for Lightroom presets. Also, you can learn about mobile photography and camera photography by visiting the website and downloading presets for free.

3. gillde

if you are a mobile editor? Then this website is for you to visit and download presets for free, but also desktop presets are also available on this website; I hope so this website will make you happy,

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best preset downloading sites because many preset makers share their presets for free; all of presets are also very unique; go to Pinterest and search Lightroom presets, then you can see the search result,

5. alfazcreation

Alfazcreation is a YouTuber who makes youtube videos. Also, he writes a blog about downloading Lightroom presets; when you visit his blog, you will find the best presets; I hope the alfazcreation website will fulfill your demand.


If you want to download Lightroom presets for free, this website is best for you; 500+ Lightroom presets are available; visit AND DOWNLOAD PRESETS without cost.

7. expertphotography

expert photography is one of the best websites for Lightroom presets and also for those who want to learn how to photograph, so you can visit and learn photography free of cost; you also can download Lightroom presets for free.

8. photowhoa

If you are looking for the best high-quality presets photowhoa one of them, I hope so you like this unique website,

9. Infinext Presets youtube channel

the best channel for Lightroom presets. Watch their video and collect preset zip file passwords; getting presets for free is very easy.

10. AR Editing youtube channel

one of the great Indonesian preset makers who always share presets, he makes 1000 lightroom videos. AR EDITING is very professional; visit his channel and collect presets free,

My Perspective Using Lightroom

Overall, if you are a new editor, Lightroom will be the best for you because its tools are essential, And at the same time, the effect is a lot of quality which will help to edit your picture much better. Moreover, Anyone can edit because of the convenience of using presets,

videos from TKNORTH

That’s why adobe has come so far today, besides if you use a premier pro, then you will need presets; premier pro presets are meant to be luts,

Click here and download premier pro luts; I hope you like it,

How can I choose the best preset for me?

Well, very simple, when you download presets from anywhere, First of all, you need to experiment with all presets, so this is the best way to find and choose presets; you know that every presets developer makes presets his own way, so you need to experiment with all presets after download lightroom presets,

Should I buy presets?

Look, it depends on you whether you want to download presets are not, but there are also Advantages and disadvantages, but again the choice is yours; there are so many premium presets available in the market, and those paid presets are very sharped, very unique,,,,,, so that you can buy presets if you have money.

But if you don’t have the money, you go for free presets, and again, there are so many websites to give you presets at zero cost; I will mention above the top 10 free preset websites you can check.

Is that Lightroom mobile and Lightroom Classic are same?

Yes! There are just a few differences between them, but almost 90% are very similar; if you are a mobile editor, it’s easy to learn lightroom desktop editing software. if you have face problem learning lightroom classic, then check youtube, there are many tutorials available,


Is Lightroom presets free?

Yes! You don’t need to pay; all presets are free

how many lightrooms presets can I download from here?

There is no limitation; you can download as many preset as you wish.

Why do you give it free?

there is no reason; I try to help all editor to edit their photo

Thank you


I believe that knowledge provides power, power information, Information leads to education, education gives rise to wisdom,

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